Office Based Surgery

RSN performs many retinal procedures in the office with equal success to Hospital Based Surgery

In fact, we prefer office-based surgery when appropriate to eliminate Surgery Center costs, travel burdens, and to minimize time away from your daily routine. If retinal detachments are caught early enough and are deemed repairable in the office, they can be treated in the office in less than an hour. This technique uses a smaller gas bubble combined with laser or cryo therapy and then requires short follow-up visits to verify long-term stability with less lifestyle disruption. Your RSN physician will discuss all available surgical options and then recommend the best treatment for your eye and situation.

Laser surgery for multiple retinal diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, can be performed right in the exam room with no inconvenience or added costs to you.

In addition, multiple other treatments are administered in the office. The most common of these is the intravitreal injection which is a technique to sterilely deliver medications into the back of the eye (vitreous cavity) to treat many retinal disorders:

And can all be improved using this office-based minor surgery.

The safe delivery of medicines into the vitreous has dramatically reduced vision loss due to vitreoretinal diseases. Your RSN physician will discuss the particular medication that’s appropriate for you.