Preparing for a visit at RSN

Plan to have both eyes dilated for a thorough examination and possible treatment. Dilation of the pupils rarely disturbs the distance vision but does make some people feel as though the distance vision is slightly worsened. Your near vision will be blurred for several hours after dilation without near correction. If you are uncertain of your comfort level after dilation, then please bring a driver. A good retinal exam must be performed through the dilated eye.

Your first visit is likely to last two hours. This is to allow for a thorough assessment of your history, dilation, as well as examination and possible same-day treatment. We value your time and will accommodate your schedule as best as possible. Follow-up visits are typically much shorter. However, please be aware that retinal care is often emergent and on occasion, you or someone else, may have an emergency that delays non-urgent care for others. Patience and understanding is appreciated under these circumstances and you will always be informed in case of delays.